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Welcome to the website http://www.yazbekusa.com, (hereinafter the "Yazbek" brand in its entirety), owned by Mint Apparel LLC. The Portal is offered to you (hereinafter the "User") free of charge, since this portal has the purpose that you know and approach the products we manufacture.

Therefore, we make you aware that the information and tools you find are protected by applicable law and therefore, when you access this portal, you accept the terms, conditions and communications contained in these terms and conditions of use. If you do not accept all of the General Conditions you must refrain from using the Portal. In the event that you continue to use the Portal, such action will be considered as absolute acceptance of each and every one of the General Conditions established herein.

1. Object
Through the use of the Portal, YAZBEK provides a mechanism that facilitates access to various content and tools (hereinafter, the "Tools") free of charge and without requiring any subscription or registration. However, within the Portal you will find some tools such as those found in the section “My Account Yazbek Online" which may only be used by subscribing and registering as a user under the terms of subsection 3 of this instrument.
2. Proprietary rights and use of trademarks
Everything contained in the Portal, both text and graphics, logos, icons, images, audio clips and software, are property of YAZBEK and are protected by the Law of Industrial Property, Federal Copyright Law, International Treaties and other applicable laws. The reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republishing, display or execution of what is contained in the Portal, without the written authorization of YAZBEK, is strictly prohibited. The YAZBEK brand, and its logos are legally registered in Mexico, as well as in other countries. The User is expressly prohibited from modifying, altering or deleting, in whole or in part, the notices, trademarks, trade names, signs, advertisements, logos or in general any indication that refers to ownership of the information contained in the Portal.
3. Online YAZBEK tools registration
To use Yazbek Online Tools, you must complete an Online Registration Form (hereinafter "Registration Form"), provided that upon completing the registration process and clicking the "Submit" button located at Final, you are sending the Registration Form electronically and agree to be bound by all of these General Conditions.
4. Use of user name and password
Once the registration form is sent, YAZBEK will process and, in its case, authorize and approve in its sole discretion the request. If authorized, you will be assigned an account to access and use the Yazbek Online Website (hereinafter the "Website"), which will consist of a password and user identification (will be the email provided by you at the moment of registration). Therefore, as an approved account user you undertake to make diligent use and keep secret the password and user name assigned to access the Yazbek Website, responding to expenses and damages caused by the use of the website in case any third party uses your Password and Username, due to the non-diligent use or the loss of them. Likewise, you are obliged to: Immediately notify YAZBEK of the improper and unauthorized use of your Password and/or User Name, and request to have the account reset.
5. Privacy rights
YAZBEK guarantees to the User the right of Privacy in accordance with its Privacy Policy. The User agrees that YAZBEK may have access to its account in order to respond to technical or service needs. Yazbek reserves the right to deny access and/or block the user's account when the user misuses the contents, tools of Yazbek. In addition, Yazbek may suspend the service at any time and without liability, in case you need to make repairs or modifications to the page and its tools.
6. Limitations on liability
To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, YAZBEK shall not be liable in any way for any direct, special, incidental, indirect, consequential or consequential damages whatsoever (including without limitation, damages for business interruption, loss of data, or any other loss) arising out of or relating to (I) the use or execution of the Portal and its Means, (II) the delay or unavailability of use of the Portal, (III) the updating or non-updating of the information, (IV) that the information has been altered or modified, in whole or in part. After having been included in the Portal; (V) any other aspect or characteristic of the information contained or published in the Portal or through any leagues that may be included in the Portal; (VI) the provision of or lack of provision of the Media. YAZBEK assumes no responsibility for the way you, as a user, use the information contained or published in or through the Portal and/or the Media. Users are advised to verify this information by their own means when making a decision based on it. The User in all cases must always go before a technical or administrative adviser, as the case may be. Although the information in this Portal is considered accurate, it may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. YAZBEK shall not be liable for any direct, special, incidental, consequential or consequential damages that may result from such errors, but will endeavor to update the content of the Portal on a constant basis. YAZBEK does not guarantee that the Portal satisfies the User's requirements, or that the Tools are always kept uninterrupted, on time, safe or error-free.
7. Indemnity
Furthermore, the User undertakes to indemnify and hold YAZBEK harmless from any actions, lawsuits or claims (including attorney's fees and court costs) arising from any failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions by the User, including, but not limited to: (I) any aspect regarding the use of the Website and its Media, the information contained in or through the Website; (II) slander, libel or any other infringing behavior in the use of the Website; (III) infringement to laws or international treaties regarding copyright or intellectual property rights contained or available in or through the Website or (IV) use of the Website and its Tools by non-authorized individuals accessing the Website with the User’s Username and/or Password.
8. Illicit or prohibited use
The use of this Website for purposes that are illegal or non-authorized by these Terms and Conditions is strictly forbidden.
9. Cookies
A cookie is any text string that installs in the hard drive of the user's computer and each time the user accesses the Website it sends information that is used to identify the user. By using this Website you allow YAZBEK to automatically install a Cookie in your computer.
10. Term and termination
This agreement shall be in force for an indefinite term. Notwithstanding the above, YAZBEK at its own discretion may cancel your Username and/or Password at any time without previous notice, for undue use of the Website, for breach of the Terms and Conditions herein or for any other reason.
11. Right to modify
YAZBEK has the right to modify or amend unilaterally, at any moment and without previous notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website, as well as the right to modify or eliminate at any moment and without previous notice, the Tools and the terms required to access and/or use the Website and Media.
12. Discontinuation of the website tools and applications
At all times YAZBEK will have the power to discontinue temporarily the use of tools in the Website.
13. Notifications
For any suggestions or collaboration submissions please email YAZBEK at sales@yazbekusa.com
14. Returns
YAZBEK holds a strict "No Returns or Exchanges" policy for all wholesale orders. However, in the event of a defective product or an error in the fulfillment process, all claims must be made within 3 business days of the reception of the merchandise. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer at the time of purchase to verify the accuracy of style, color, size and quantity prior to the embellishment process. YAZBEK will not accept claims made more than 5 days after the merchandise was received, nor accept responsibility for any missing items if the claim results from a third party handling the order -printer, embroiderer or any other, prior to the validation of the order by the buyer.