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What is the benefit of creating an account?
When you create an account with us you will be able to check on your order history, save your information and shorten the checkout process for the next time you order on our site. You can always opt to check out as a guest, but you will not get our insider information on special promotions and product launches (unless you subscribe to receive emails from us).
How do I create an account?
To register is quite simple, on the upper right corner of the page is a Profile icon -between the search and the shopping cart, click on the profile icon and select Retail, fill in the form and your account is ready to go.
What is the status of my order?
Log in to your account and under your order history you can check the status. If you checked out as a guest and do not have an account, please email us at operations@yazbekusa.com to provide you with the details in 24 hours.
Can I make any changes to my order?
Sorry, once your order has been submitted and is on the system, we cannot modify, add items, change sizes or colors, or update the billing or shipping address. So please check your order and information thoroughly before submitting it, no exceptions will be made.
Can I cancel my order?
If you need to cancel your order please call us immediately at: 786-953-7631 or email us at operations@yazbekusa.com, once the order is placed and depending on where it is in the fulfilment process, we may not be able to cancel it. We will do our best to help you, and if we cannot cancel it, we will guide you through the return process.
Does cotton shrink?
Yes. Like many natural fibers, cotton does shrink, especially if it is washed with hot water or tumble dried. This happens because the surface fibers are stretched in the manufacturing process, and when it is washed with hot water the fibers tend to recover their original (curly) state. All products made of cotton have a default shrink factor, the best option is to follow the washing instructions -that allows for better results and less shrinkage.
Are the t-shirt colors resistant to washing, ironing, and other daily handling?
The quality of our raw materials and production processes allows our garment colors to maintain a high performance in normal washing situations by following the care instructions specified at the back of the label.
How do I know if a t-shirt is of high quality?
Basically, it can be recognized by looking and touching the garment. In the industry there are different elements to determine the quality in textiles like: Tone, Color, Printing response, Size, Needlework, Shrinkage control, Uniformity, Packing and Boxing quality. Considering these industry standards, our products are high quality.
Is there a store nearby where I can purchase directly?
Sorry, we do not have a store you can visit, our retail sales are online -only. If you are in Miami and you would like to see the product beforehand, you can visit our wholesale showroom in Doral. Please note you will not be allowed to make a purchase there.
Can I return an item(s) from my order?
To return or exchange an item, please follow the returns procedure for the items you would like to exchange. After the return process has been started you can contact us by email operations@yazbekusa.com, or by phone 786-953-9631 or via Whatsapp chat and we will be happy to help you with the process.
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